“A lot of times, people don’t know what they want until you show it to them.” – Steve Jobs

Consumers today place less emphasis on brand loyalty, and require more touchpoints before making purchase decisions. Prominence can sometimes be as vital as product proposition or branding, especially in fashion where purchase decisions are often made on impulse.

THE SHOWCASE serves as a retail touchpoint and business platform for online labels to differentiate amongst the thousands of online brands. With the aim to become a leading brand manager, we are partner-centric in all that we do. Our objective is to achieve our partners’ goals in amplifying sales volume, enhancing visibility, fostering credibility, accessing new markets and demographics, and accelerating inventory movement.

Currently we partner the best online labels on an invitational basis, and are dedicated to ensure an optimal brand mix in our boutiques. We focus on creating a conducive environment for our shoppers to shop in, as well as our labels to conduct business in.


For Label Partners

Our label partners are the reason behind our existence. Market dynamics are always shifting, and we seek to shift along with retail trends to understand and serve the needs of our partners. We welcome label owners to engage us on a discussion regarding our retail insights as well as how THE SHOWCASE can value add in a partnership.

Please drop us an email at


For Marketing and other business collaborations

We are open to joint marketing collaborations as well as other business opportunities. Please drop us an email at