About Us

THE SHOWCASE is a multi-label retail concept with the first boutique opened at Raffles Place in 2014.

Online labels were prevalent and the online shopping community was growing rapidly. However, we recognized a gap between expectations of buyers and sellers, and THE SHOWCASE set out to bridge this gap.

To online shoppers, it can sometimes take a leap of faith to buy fashion apparels online, where quality, fitting, design, and colour, cannot be easily ascertained through images. Unsuitable purchases often result to wastage. Transport logistics and timeliness issues pose further challenges.

On the labels front, it is a challenge for premier brands to highlight and communicate their differentiating factors to shoppers, as well as to gain trust from new customers.

THE SHOWCASE empowers shoppers to make more informed decisions and minimize purchase regrets. With stringent curation on the brands we carry in store, and new designs reaching our boutiques on a weekly basis, you can find latest and most relevant fashion styles and trends with us.

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